In addition to shredding, Allstar provides additional services in related fields that will assist with compliance, efficiency, and cost effectiveness for you and your company.



With increasing concerns over identity theft and prior to records reaching their mandated retention period, their storage and management is another vital facet of a company’s requirements for compliance and success. Today’s organizations are demanding that their records management systems provide cost efficiency, improve the accessibility of documents and meet increasingly challenging compliance and regulatory requirements. Allstar offers:







  1. A full service document management company providing secure storage for all types of medium including paper, discs, tapes, and film
  1. Whether moving office spaces or consolidating current space, Allstar has the ability to relocate your file room(s) with a seamless transfer. Our expert handlers maintain an inventory from the time the first carton is picked up until the last carton is put down.


  1. Pickup and delivery
  1. Online access to inventory with our bar coding and software program





    Our scanning services are ideal for any size firm, practice or business. There are a number of reasons why a company would require this type of service—

    • To save money. In many cases businesses do not have the capability to stockpile the many records/boxes they accumulate at their offices. They in turn rent storage units to hold these cartons. Monthly fees to store ‘dead files’ can be an unnecessary drain on any company’s budget. Typically around 2000 pages can be stored in a standard 1.2 cubic foot carton, whereas 1 DVD which is flat and approximately 4” in diameter can store upwards of 75,000 pages of information and can be stored in a desk drawer.                                                               
    • To be more efficient. When it is time to recall a specific file, the task can be daunting if your stored records are not properly inventoried and easily accessible. You must first locate what you think is the correct box, then hope that it contains the information you are seeking. By scanning your files and storing them digitally, you have the ability to ‘index’ with as many ‘fields’ as you desire. This enables you to remain in your office or even at your desk and retrieve whatever documents you are looking for in a clean and efficient manner. With productivity at a premium, efficiency is a key component to helping companies run smoothly.


    • To save space. Over periods of time and through a gradual process--boxes, files and papers continue to accumulate throughout your office, basement, attic and storage facility. The general rule of thumb depending on your industry standard is to retain records for a period of 3-7 years in order for them to be deemed “compliant”. Not only will you likely not need these files while in storage, but now you have lost much of you workspace and other storage areas and have possibly created a fire hazard. This makes the environment cramped and seemingly unproductive. By scanning these documents and storing them in a digital format you are able to gain back all of that lost space.
    • Go ‘green’. By having these files scanned, you now have the ability to shred all of the existing original paper documents in order to properly dispose of them. Once Allstar shreds the confidential information, it is baled with thousands of pounds of other shredded materials and exported for recycling to create new paper products.


    As the safety and security of your documents during our shredding process is of the utmost importance to us, we institute the same beliefs and practices regarding the scanning process. Some of our procedures are as follows-

      • All networks and PCs are secure and all programs are password protected.
      • All digital files are backed up to separate servers.
      • At client’s discretion, data may also be backed up onto CDs.
      • All files are secured within password file directories.
      • All networks are firewall protected.
      • All computers are UPS protected.
      • All employees are bound by signed non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements.

      • PRODUCT DESTRUCTON                           


      Document destruction is not the only way to protect your company from being a victim of identity theft. Limit your

      company's liability, reduce your environmental impact, and save money with secure product destruction. Stolen ID badges, uniforms, and pre-market products, defective products, recalled products are other items thieves target. Once these products have been destroyed, a zero landfill policy is in effect. All materials are sent to their respective plants for recycling.








        Not only does Allstar share in your concern for security, confidentiality and compliance, we also address your concerns for a cleaner “greener” environment. By utilizing recycling as a key component of our shredding and destruction services, once all materials are destroyed they are sent to their respective plants for recycling.


        Please call or fill out our ‘contact us’ box for further information regarding any of our services. Our team members will be happy to assist you.


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