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The Complete Document Shredding Process How Our Family Owned Shredding Company Works

It starts with a friendly consultation
At Allstar we strive to ensure the safety and confidentiality of your information. Our process is known as “no touch no see”. This means your information will be picked up in our locked containers, loaded into our dual locked trucks, delivered and back INSIDE our 16,000 foot secured warehouse and seen only when the information is placed on the conveyer belt of the shredding machine.


We send one of our experts to visit the office or site you have called regarding. At that time we discuss your needs to gain a clear understanding of what is required and determine the most cost effective and efficient program for you.


Once we determine our best course of action we schedule a pick up appointment that is convenient for you. As a service provider we feel it is our responsibility to make this experience as seamless as possible. Working around your schedule is another way we show attention to personal service.


On the day of pick our trucks will be at the location at their scheduled time. Our uniformed employees have ID badges and will notify you once they arrive and will await further instructions from the contact. Under your supervision and using our locked bins and any other moving equipment necessary, we will then proceed to load all materials scheduled for destruction. Once the loading process has been completed, our driver will provide documentation confirming the amount of bins or boxes that have been removed from the site.


Once back at our facility, the trucks will back completely inside the warehouse to the loading docks. The materials are then offloaded within our fenced destruction area and moved directly to the staging area. Once ready, the documents are off loaded onto the conveyer belt and sent through the shredder. The materials are then shredded beyond recognition and transferred automatically into our bailing machine. The materials are then baled with thousands of pounds of other shredded material and shipped out for recycling.


Not only does Allstar share in your concern for security, confidentiality and compliance, we also address your concerns for a cleaner, “greener” environment. By utilizing recycling as a key component of our shredding and destruction services, once all materials are destroyed they are sent to their respective plants for recycling.


After your documents have been destroyed, we will issue you a certificate of destruction. Under Government Acts you are required by law to properly secure your client’s and your company’s private and confidential information. Once you have complied with the appropriate retention timeframe for these records, you are then required to properly destroy this information. This process is known as the “chain of custody” and we at Allstar consider ourselves the final link in that “chain.” The certificate issued will provide written confirmation that you properly completed your chain of custody


Allstar has an open door policy available to all our current and future clients. We encourage you to visit our secure and insured 16,000 square foot facility to witness our process first hand. Allstar maintains a complete chain of custody workflow from the time the documents are placed in our secured containers at your location until they have been destroyed at ours.


All Star Secure Shred services Garden City, Hauuppauge, Melville, Islip and also other areas.

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