After stored records have met their mandated retention period, they are now available for destruction. Whether in boxes, file cabinets or loose--no job is too big or too small.

Types Of Commercial Shredding Service

1- Scheduled Services
2- Office and/or storage Purges
3- Pay-As-You-Shred (as needed)



Allstar offers a selection of secured storage containers that are strategically placed throughout your office to optimize visibility and usage. We then service these containers on a schedule that has been created specifically for your company’s needs. This helps us serve you in the most convenient and economical way.

Benefits Of Schedule Service

Once you analyze the cost and maintenance of your shredder on a monthly basis, time spent by you or your staff that could otherwise be used handling more productive tasks, as well as employee salaries, you will most likely find that the hours and dollars spent over the course of the month for shredding could better be served elsewhere within your company.

  1. There is also concern that the proper information is not always being destroyed. What one person would consider confidential, another individual may not. Having consoles placed in your space eliminates guesswork.
  2. Sometimes information is not destroyed properly because of the unwillingness of an employee to take the extra time to use the office shredder. A simple trip to the console once a day eliminates the employee’s dislike of “wasting” their time at the shredder.
  3. The above benefit take into consideration that your company already has a shredding program in its place. Should you be considering the implementation of a program for the first time, the benefits are as simple as dollars and cents. The economical destruction program you will initiate in your office will far outweigh any fines or attorney fees accrued due to non-compliance and accusations of identity theft.
  4. It can be viewed as an insurance policy to protect yourself and your company.
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    1-Storing files are a time consuming and costly process.

    2-Most companies don’t have the space needed to store required information for long periods of time so they rent space from warehouses and storage facilities. Clearing that space will eliminate an unnecessary monthly expense and have a positive effect on your bottom line.

    3- For those who choose to store records within their work or home, the purging of these records will return your cluttered and overwhelmed areas back into serviceable workspace.



1-For clients who don’t require frequent service but would prefer to have access to locking security containers. We offer containers for rental or purchase with our on-call services.
2-Please call or fill out our “contact us” box for further information regarding any of our services. Our team members will be happy to assist you.


With increasing concerns over identity theft prior to records reaching their mandated retention period, their storage and management is another vital facet of a company’s requirements for compliance and success. Today’s organizations are demanding that their records management systems provide cost efficiency, improve the accessibility of documents, and meet increasingly challenging compliance and regulatory requirements. Allstar offers: 1- A full service document Management Company providing secure storage for all types of medium including paper, discs, tapes and film.
2- Whether moving office spaces or consolidating current space. Allstar has the ability to relocate your file room(s) with a seamless transfer. Our expert handlers maintain an inventory from the time the first carton is picked up until the last carton is put down.
3- Digital Scanning
4- Pickup and delivery
5- Online access to inventory with our bar coding and software program.


Our scanning services are ideal for any size firm, practice or business. There are a number of reasons why a company would require this service.

All Star Secure Shred services New York City (NYC), Rockaways, Jamaica and also other areas..

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